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A Message to Readers

AUTHORS ACROSS GENRES WORK hard to create the stories our readers enjoy. We have made you laugh, and we have made you cry. We have taken you to distant times and places, introduced you to fantastic worlds filled with wonders, and horrified you with terrors of the dark and lurking in the deep. We have guided you through mysteries that confound even the greatest detectives, dared you to dream of forbidden romance, and warned you to prepare for the coming apocalypse—including a pandemic.


We created and killed the ancient gods, crafted grand adventures for epic heroes, and entertained you with legendary villains who surely deserved their fate. We have led you through the rise and fall of empires, from deadly wars to glorious victories, and analyzed the historic impacts of dictatorships and democracies. We challenge you to understand perspectives beyond your own point of view, remind you that the hope of recovery is possible—and that love after death is within your reach.


Authors are the light cast upon the dawn of civilization. We have shaped the world around you as much as we now sustain it. The best of us drive you to be more tomorrow than you are today, but our work is now under siege as never before because of illegal downloads and pirated copies of books. When authors are robbed of our hard-earned income by such thieves, it is not just literary agents and publishers who are also cheated of their rightful profits—it is the very future of our civilization that pays the ultimate price.


Support your favorite authors.

Support independent bookstores.

Buy legal. Buy local.